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Tungsten Alloy Ball
Tungsten alloy ball is small in volume but very dense, which means the product can be used in various fields requiring small but heavy parts, such as the counterweights for golf club, fishing weights, counterweights for military applications, projectiles
Tungsten Vial Shield with Magnetic Cap
Designed to reduce exposure when handling vials containing liquid radioisotopes, the tungsten vial shield features a removable screw top with a magnetic cap to facilitate quick and easy access. Constructed with solid tungsten, the vial shield accommodates
Tungsten(Wolfram) Vial Shield
The Tungsten (Wolfram) Vial Shield is designed to greatly reduce exposure to vials containing liquid radioisotopes. The shield is constructed of .19" (.48 cm) thick tungsten, equivalent to .38" (1 cm) lead at 150 keV.
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