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Tungsten Point #2 for Archery
Specification:120 grain Break-Off is a standard arrowhead equipped with one or more break-offs at its end. This break-off system gives high flexibility for arrow tuning
Tungsten Bucking Bar 2.90 lbs
Description 4.00" x 1.75" x 1.25" KJ014
Tungsten Bucking Bar 2.40 lbs
Description 6" x 2.25" x 0.625" KJ013
Tungsten Bucking Bar 2.35 lbs
Description 8" x 1" x 0.5" KJ010
Tungsten Bucking Bar 3.15 lbs
Description 3" x 1.75" x 1.438" KJ011
Tungsten Bucking Bar 3.15 lbs
Description 4" x 1.625" x 0.938" KJ008
Tungsten Bucking Bar 8.25 lbs
Description 11" x 2.75" x 1" KJ004
Tungsten Alloy Spheres For Fishing Lures 3mm
Diameter:3mm +/-0.02mm Weight:0.25g +/-0.02g Density:18g/cm3 +/-0.2g/cm3
Tungsten Buckshot
Tungsten buckshot is often alloyed with nickel and iron, softening the base metal,  that alloy is approximately 1/3 denser than lead, but far more expensive, Bismuth shot falls between steel and tungsten shot in both density and cost, the rule of thumb in
Tungsten Alloy Boring Bar
Superior quality, improved performance and reduced costs for both materials and finishing tungsten alloy Tungsten heavy metal boring bars are manufactured in sintered or polished alloys of 90-95% tungsten with a nickel-copper-iron-moly matrix These al
Tungsten Alloy Crankshaft Balancing
Our offered tungsten alloy crankshaft balancing is robust product It is completely able to determine the points where metal needs to be added or removed Its strong construction and rust proof quality makes it unique Dimensional accurate and flawless fi
Tungsten Weights Pinewood Derby Car
The more your pine car weighs, the faster it will go on a downhill ramp. Most rules specify a 5 oz. maximum weight. Most Pinewood Derby cars weigh between 1.5 oz and 3.5 oz (depending on design) without weights so a car may need 3.5 oz or more of addition
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