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Tungsten Alloy Spheres For Fishing Lures 5mm
Diameter:5mm +/-0.03mm Weight:1.17g +/-0.03g Density:18g/cm3 +/-0.2g/cm3
Tungsten Alloy Super Weights for AR15 Heavy Buffer
This tungsten alloy super weight for AR15 buffer system is manufactured by inculcating the best quality tungsten alloy and technology under the vigilance of our adept proficient
Tungsten Shielded Container for Vial Transport
Features: Weight: 14 kg Pit dimensions (mm) 33 x 57 (Ø x h) External dimensions (mm) 93 x 130 (Ø x h) Shielding (Tungsten) (mm) 29.5
Tungsten metal shot jig
Tungsten Alloy Fishing Jigs for Deep Sea Fishing
BPS tungsten fliping weight
lure fishing Tungsten Flipping Weight
Tungsten Head 45g,60g,80g,100g,120g,150g
Wholesale round tungsten fishing sinkers 45g, 60g, 80g, 100g,120g,150g
Tungsten Alloy Spheres For Fishing Lures 3mm
Diameter:3mm +/-0.02mm Weight:0.25g +/-0.02g Density:18g/cm3 +/-0.2g/cm3
Tungsten Cube for Shotshell Reloading
Tungsten Cube for reloading is the new Shotshell Reloading. The tungsten cube is made of 95WNiFe. Tungsten cube is one of the heaviest of all the non-toxic alternative shot types and that makes it very suitable for old double guns and other shotguns with