Tungsten shielded container for vial transport

Tungsten Shielded Container for Vial Transport

Item No.: 018
Weight: 14 kg
Pit dimensions (mm) 33 x 57 (Ø x h)
External dimensions (mm) 93 x 130 (Ø x h)
Shielding (Tungsten) (mm) 29.5
Description Tungsten(wolfram)Radiation Shielding Video
The shielded container CF18T is made up of wolfram and it is used to transport radioisotopes. The top is locked by means of a fixed joint (bayonet lockup).
The lockup is equipped with a O-Ring seal that ensures a perfect tightness. CF18T shielded container is also equipped with a built-in handle to enable an easy transport.
Weight: 14 kg
Pit dimensions (mm) 33 x 57 (Ø x h)
External dimensions (mm) 93 x 130 (Ø x h)
Shielding (Tungsten) (mm) 29.5
Used in Radiopharma Production
Nuclear Medicine
For Accessories


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