Tungsten Ammunition
Tungsten Ammunition
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Tungsten Fin Stabilized Core
Tungsten fin stabilized core is manufactured by powder metallurgy technique, mainly manufacture processed are mixing, dewaxing, pressing, sintering, machining, if there is a higher property needed, such as hardness, ultimate tensile strength, yield streng
Tungsten Kinetic Energy Penetrator
Tungsten kinetic energy penetrator (also known as a KE weapon) is a type of ammunition that, like a bullet, does not contain explosives and uses kinetic energy to penetrate the target.
Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod For Glock
Tungsten guide rods provide a decisive advantage for all Glock owners by providing more weight at the front of the gun. At least a full ounce! This extra weight will help reduce muzzle rise allowing quicker follow up shots. Special features include a rigi
Tungsten Alloy Military Spheres
Advantages of Tungsten Alloy Military Sphere Very dense, 1.7 times heavier than lead, tungsten is the ideal metal for military purposes. Tungsten is non-toxic and safe material, so military sphere made of tungsten alloy is often used to replace lead. Owi
Tungsten Alloy Cubes for Military Defense
With its high density, tungsten alloy is the ideal metal for military defense. Tungsten is non-toxic, and environmentally friendly materia. Tungsten alloy cubes for military defense can easily replace lead in most cases.  
Tungsten Prefabricated Fragments
Fragmentation warhead is one of the main types of warheads, mainly by the role of high-energy explosives, the formation of a large number of high-speed fragments, using high-speed hitting the tungsten prefabricated fragments, the role of ignition and det
Tungsten Armour Piercing Bullet
Tungsten armour piercing bullet are specifically designed to penetrate steel and other metal armour. Tungsten Armour piercing bullet behave exactly like any other full-metal jacketed bullet until they impact hard steel armour. In fact standard Canadian Mi
Tungsten Alloy Military Swaging Rod
Swaging greatly increases tungsten alloy rod's ultimate tensile strength. The ultimate tensile strength of regular tungsten alloy rod is 1050 MPa . However, after swaging, the ultimate tensile strength can reach 1200 MPa min, we can even control tungsten
Tungsten Small Caliber Core for AP Bullets
Tungsten alloy, also called tungsten for short, is used as a new lead-free small caliber core for national defense. Small caliber cores rages from 9mm to 0.50 caliber including 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm, 0.38 and 0.45 caliber, etc., could be produced by tungste
Tungsten Medium Caliber Core For AP Bullets
Tungsten heavy alloy, also called tungsten alloy for short, is used as a new medium caliber core for national defense, such cores are being fabricated from mixtures of powdered metals, and/or coated metal powders or particulates that are consolidated to f