Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shield
Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shield
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Tungsten Unit Dose Pig
The Tungsten Unit Dose Pig accommodates the most commonly used conventional and safety-engineered syringes. The tungsten components are rugged and easy to clean. A single twist to open or close reduces loading/unloading time. The overlap design eliminates
Tungsten Gamma Ray Collimators
Collimators contain and direct the beam of radiation during exposure. This results in improved radiograph quality and safer operating conditions. Tungsten panoramic collimators consist of a stainless steel housing containing two tungsten inserts. Tungsten
TVS Tungsten Vial Shield
The shield Mod. TVS is suitable for storage and use of vials containing radiopharmaceuticals. The shield is made of tungsten with a thickness of 6 mm in every direction (Eq to 10 mm Lead at 150 KeV).
Syringe Shield With Lead Glass Window 1cc
Pro-TecĀ® II Syringe Shields accommodate the standard sized 1 cc to 12 cc syringes. 2 mm thick Tungsten shielding 5.05 density lead glass window Lightweight Fits most disposable syringes Unobstructed visibility to tip of syringe Easily sanitized with
Tungsten Vial Shield with Magnetic Cap
Designed to reduce exposure when handling vials containing liquid radioisotopes, the tungsten vial shield features a removable screw top with a magnetic cap to facilitate quick and easy access. Constructed with solid tungsten, the vial shield accommodates
Tungsten PET Syringe Shield 5cc
Gaard Lock PET Syringe Shields accommodate the standard sized 3 cc, 5 cc and 10 cc syringes. The Gaard Lock PET Syringe Shield fits the Manual Dose Injector.
Tungsten(Wolfram) Vial Shield
The Tungsten (Wolfram) Vial Shield is designed to greatly reduce exposure to vials containing liquid radioisotopes. The shield is constructed of .19" (.48 cm) thick tungsten, equivalent to .38" (1 cm) lead at 150 keV.